Zazueta Landscape


Terrace Dr. Los Altos, CA

We hired you to landscape our house. Because we kill every plant we try to grow, except weeds and volunteers, we decided to have you continue on, and take care of our yard.


We learned about you from our friend who is a real estate agent.  When you came to our house, you asked a lot of questions. You were very clear about what you were quoting and what would be extra. I knew if I worked with you, there would be no surprises. What I liked most was before you took my plans you asked if it was okay. From that moment, I knew you would be paying attention to the details.


After you quoted, you told me that I would need to have the palm trees cleaned. I was resistant because it was so expensive. You told me that my yard would never look good with palm trees that needed to be cleaned (we had a double and a triple set of Mexican Fan Palms). You were pretty insistent because I believe you did not want your work to show poorly. With those palm trees, no matter what we did, our yard would look like a mess. As we knew, cleaning the palm trees and taking them out were about the same price. We removed the palm trees and it made all the difference in our yard.


As little things have come up, you have been right there to fix them. You and your crew are polite and courteous. Our plants are thriving. The whole process was painless, and more importantly, as predicted, there were no surprises.



Hillview Dr. Los Altos, CA

Services far exceed the 'mow, blow and go' reputation of many landscape maintenance services. Services can include weeding, trimming, clipping, irrigation and sprinkler checks and maintenance/upgrade, and other services upon request.


Another big plus, is that not only does Zazueta perform routine (and beyond!) maintenance services, they are very skilled at hardscape and landscape installations from concrete to pavers to fencing to tree and stump removal and more---the complete package!!


Pricing is always very competitive and fair. They have always delivered on all services promised with quality, honesty, on time per schedule and never once failed to perform as committed. [they] Can provide expert advice on the 'health' of plants, as well as recommendations on how to proceed in protecting the plant from pests, fungus, mildew, and other planting concerns. Very knowledgeable.


Very, very trustworthy---one of their highest qualities!!! They ALWAYS follow-through!! Extremely reliable!!


Employees are all hard-working. You never see their staff goofing off on the job. Many landscape services don't show up when it's raining---Zazueta always shows up---rain or shine!! Landscaped for six years.


Recommended by Central Nursery in San Jose to install entire landscape in this Los Altos resident and a business in Santa Clara.


Hired due to their enthusiasm, ability to deliver the 'whole package', very easy to work with, great ideas, excellent family/business dynamics, lots of experience, 'do what they say and say what they do', really nice people, could get the work done within a reasonable time frame and didn't play games with the numbers.


Can't say enough good things about the Zazueta family and their business. We can only hope that they continue growing and prospering and continue making themselves a name in the local landscape industry.


Thank you so much!!!



Whitham Ave. Los Altos, CA

I have been working with Zazueta Landscaping for more than 5 years. Jesus is very easy to communicate with as he is fluent in both Spanish and English. They provide a wide range of services from basic maintenance up to hardscape installations, patios and decks, fences, walls, etc. They are licensed and insured and take good care of their employees.


His prices are always reasonable and they will give you a range of pricing options based on your needs. Mariano is an expert with his construction techniques and everything is always level and plumb.

-Owen Halliday


Larga Vista Ave. Los Gatos, CA

Upon hiring Zazueta landscape seven years ago based upon the recommendation of a friend, I have never once regretted my decision. In fact, as the years have gone by, I’ve added more and more to what they’ve done for me including some fairly sophisticated projects. I’ve never had to worry about the job (big or small) being done correctly or on time. It just happens when I expect it to and meeting or exceeding my quality expectations and is never a source of concern or stress. The Reliability, Communication, Friendliness and Quality have combined to make my relationship with Zazueta Landscaping something wonderful that we hope continues long into the future.

-Los Altos Resident

"Easy to work with, great ideas,

excellent family business dynamics"

"Very, very trustworthy"

"You and your crew are polite & courteous"

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